Monday, January 4, 2010

Unreliable Doctors Scare ME...

So last Monday the doctor told me he would call me by the end of the week with the time and date of my scheduled surgery. By Thursday I got a little nervous because I hadn't recieved a call yet and the next day was New Years. So I called them, the nurse informed me that she would have the doctor call me back because he was with a patient. I never recieved a call. I left a voicemail on Friday and I called them today and left two voicemails. No one is calling me back. My mom told me if we haven't talked to the doctor by Wednesday we will just drive down there ( its an hour drive by the way) and we will wait in person to speak with him. I am going to be faced with this horrible scary surgery and I can't even count on my surgeon to keep his work at all!! As a doctor, when you tell a patient you will call them by the end of a week you should call them. Not screw them around or not have ANYONE in the office call you back. I am starting to worry they just don't want to help me because I don't have insurance. That would mean I am very screwed because there are not many other places around that will take my case.

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