Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Contrast Dye for a CT Scan

So today I had a CT scan with contrast dye. I went in there and the radiologist told me that I will feel a burning in my face and neck and then get the feeling that I pee'd my pants(even thought I had not). I was prepared. I was terrified of the needle but it was fast and I took it. I know there is going to be MANY more needle sticks to come!! He injected the dye and started the scan. I got the hot feeling and the pee my pants feeling but then I started feeling my chest get tight, my face(especially my lips) go numb and then I got extremely dizzy. I was loopy for about a half hour after. He told me to make sure I tell a radiologist if I ever have to have another one. Now, I am just waiting for my surgical resident to call me and let me know the date and time for my surgery. I don't want to lose my jaw next week but if I want to be able to go to school in Jan. I need it to be next week. Good by jaw, Hello PAIN!!

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